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About Ratlam

The District of Ratlam was created in June 1948 and was reorganised in January 1949. It covers the area of the former princely State of Ratlam, Jaora, Sailana, Piploda. Ringnod Tehsil of Dewas Senior, Alot Tehsil of Dewas Junior and parts of Mandsaur Tehsil of Gwalior State, a few villages of Dhar State and Chief Commissioners provinces of Pant Piploda.

Ratlam is one of the important Districts of Madhya Pradesh Which is situated in the North West part of the State "The MALWA" Region. The New Town of Ratlam was founded by Captain Borthwick in 1829 with regular and broadened streets and well built houses. Ratlam was once one of the first Commercial Towns in Central India being the centre of an extensive trade in opium, tobacco and salt. It was also famous in Malwa for its bargains called Sattas. Before the opening of the Railway Line to Kahndwa in 1872, there was no better mart than Ratlam.

The District is known after the Headquarters town, Ratlam which was also the headquarter of Princely State of Ratlam.

Ratlam is situated in North-West region of Madhya Pradesh from 23 05' North to 23 52' North Longitude and 74 31' East to 75 41' East Latitude. It is bounded by Mandsaur District in North, Jhabua and Dhar on the South, Ujjain on the East, Chhitorgarh and Banswara District of Rajasthan on the West, Shajapur District of Madhya Pradesh and Jhalawar District of Rajasthan on the North.
Total Area of Ratlam District is s 4861 which is 1.11% of Total Area of Madhya Pradesh. For the Administrative convenience, Ratlam is divided in Six Tehsils and 6 Blocks as follows :-
Area of Tehsils and Their Populations of District Ratlam
Tehsil Name Total Area Block Population
Total Population Rural Population Town Population
Alot 945 151618 123648 27970
Jaora 763 170155 108215 61940
Piploda 604 98114 91856 6258
Ratlam 1331 385948 183475 202473
Sailana 536 77357 66261 11096
Bajna 682 88696 88696
Total District Area :-4861 Sq.Km. Population as per 1991 census 9,71,888
The Average temperature of Ratlam is 55 F. The average rainfall of the District is 90 cm. Most of the rain occur in the month of July and August.

Ratlam is well connected both by Rails and Roads. Ratlam junction is Divisional head quarters of Western Railways. It has both Broad Gauge and Meter Gauge Railway Lines.

Ratlam is situated on State Highway number 31 and 22. Ratlam is well connected by road to Madhya Pradesh and other states namely Gujarat and Rajasthan.


Ratlam has several chemical factories namely JVL, Hightech, IPCA, Shaba Chemicals, Bordiya Chemicals, Sujjan Chemicals etc. There are a number of manufacturing units of Copper wires and plastic rope etc. Ratlam is also famous for its gold and ornaments for its purity and designs. Ratlami Namkin (sev) is famous through out the country.

Main crop of Ratlam is Soyabin, Wheat, Gram and Maize. It is also well known for Strawberry and Grapes.

Important Grain Crops

  1. Wheat
  2. Juwar
  3. Maize

Important Pulses

  1. Chana
  2. Udad

Important Tilhan

  1. Soyabin
  2. Groundnut

Others Important Crops:- Kapas

Agriculture Mandi Committees:-

  1. Ratlam
  2. Jaora
  3. Alot
  4. Tal
  5. Sailana


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