बंद करे

रुचि के स्थान


1. Bibrod Tirth:-


It has earned the status of being one of the most

important centres of Jain religion. The temple houses a 2.49 ft high statue of Adinath Bhagwan. It is believed that this temple has been in existence even before the 13th century.





2. Cactus Garden Sailana:-

Cactus Garden (340 X 240)


This quiet town near Ratlam is a treasure of uniqueness. At the Jaswant Niwas Palace, you can see cacti twice the height of a man in the Cactus Garden, which has around 1200 different varieties of cacti. 





3. Kharmor Sanctuary:-


kharmor_Sanctuary_01Another place is the Kharmor Sanctuary where the rare ‘Kharmor’ (Little Florican) bird can be spotted along with foxes, monitor lizards, black cobras and a lot more





4. Dholawad Dam:

Dholawad Dam_01The Dholawad dam is one of the major traveler attractions of Ratlam located in Raoti, 25 km towards the west of Ratlam. Also known as, Saroj Sarowar Bandh, the Dholawad dam is 6 km by road from Raoti town. The dam is set amidst serene surroundings and presents the visitor an atmosphere of tranquil calmness. While visiting the Dholawad dam, make sure that you stay back until sunset to enjoy the view of the sun setting at the horizon.